"At Shea by Lav, we strive to offer consumers high-quality, all-natural moisturising lotion that is kind to the skin and offers long-lasting hydration. developed for those that value natural, organic, and eco-friendly products"

  • Whats your return policy?

    Due to hygiene we cannot accept returns, therefore we are committed to working with you until we create a blend that satisfies your needs.

  • How can we help recycle?

    We want to reduce our wastage, we encourage you to send your Shea By Lav jar back in for re-use. This also gets you £1 off your next order.

  • Do you offer gift cards?

    Yes, we do offer gift cards!🎁

  • Do you have any tips on how to store this product

    Whipped shea butter can start melting at temperatures above 80°F (27°C). It's best to store it in a cool place to maintain its consistency.

    If you want to prevent the product from melting in the heat, you can try storing it in a cool place or even in the fridge to help harden it.